Tannaz Shoaei Rad

Tannaz was born in 1975 in Tehran, Iran. she kept improving her skills by doing different professional diplomas in Interior Design and she graduate holding a master of art in Dubai/U.A.E. Tannaz is currently working as a Senior Designer in the creative department at RHM group. She also works as a Freelance Painting Artist part-time.

In 1996 Gallery Vally

First art gallery in tehran (gallery vally)

In 1997 Farhangsaraye Andishe

Second art gallery in tehran (farhangsaraye andishe).

In 2005 Index Exhibition Dubai

Designed marble fountain with engraving

In 2006 Ideal Home Exhibition Dubai

Ideal home exhibition dubai design marble fountain table with engraving.

In 2008 The Big 5 Dubai

Designed the Stand of Al Maleka Marble in The Big 5 Dubai.

In 2009 Lamasat Magazine Antique Glass Paint

Designed rooms with antique Glass and marble while working with (RHM).

In 2022 Artist talk Magazine - Issue 21

I am glad to announce I have been selected as one of the chosen artists by (Artist talk magazine) United Kingdom.

In March 2023 Artist talk Magazine - Issue 23

Woman Power: when you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it & never let go. Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you and power. With a renewed sense of purpose, we move forward like birds drifting in the wind, leading us to a better life.

In JUN 2023 Times square NYC Digital Exhibition

This collection digital signage welcomes commuters and visitors alike to the crossroads of the world in midtwon Manhattan . Located on 42nd Street, these digital signs target both eastbound and westbound traffic on Manhattan's 42nd Street, one of the main commuting corridors in the city, linking Grand Central to the Port Authority.

THURSDAY 22ND JUN 2023, during 20 hours: from 6AM / 15 seconds every 3 minutes.